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Please make sure before you are ordering that you are reading the shipping and refund policy. This will be to ensure that you understand the policies that have been set in place to know what to expect prior to ordering. Unforeseen issues may/can arise & if so updates will always be posted on the IG page @nesheasnaturals_  (Under Highlight “Weekly Updates”). The only emails I will be responding to are address changes, returned packages or  haven’t received tracking info in shipping time frame. Thank you so much for the support!!


Here will list a few tips to keep in mind when using natural care for the very first time.

  • When using ANY bars for your face/body "DO NOT" lather or cleanse area with wash cloth until your face is used to the bar. (Lather & remove with hands). You may use a very soft cloth to damp face afterwards. For shower alternatives it can be a African net OR natural exfoliating brush. THIS WILL REDUCE FRICTION ON THE SKIN.
  • The same thing applies for ANY products for the vagina. Clean hands, lather & cleanse. Rinse off with cool water if experience slight cooling sensation. (If you feel a difference after using or a yeast infection/BV flares ups. (THIS IS NORMAL) It would mean some type of bacteria is being killed & passing. Ladies you can go through a purge stage which allows heavy toxins to pass through. To prepare for this include cranberry pills, Probiotics & Prebiotics supplements everyday. (Or kitty Pills) While increasing your water intake and watching what you eat.
  • ANY additional questions feel free to email me & I will answer to the best of my ability!

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